Titan Gold

Titan Gold

cantitan.jpgSpinks Titan Gold Offset Ink

Spinks Titan Gold Process Series

Spinks Titan Gold Process inks are manufactured using 25% bio-renewable raw materials and are formulated to provide outstanding performance on today’s high speed perfecting presses with stable ink / water balance, good rub resistance, excellent dot reproduction and high gloss.

Fast setting speeds allow the printer to run with little spray powder while meeting the demanding production schedules in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments. The Spinks Titan Gold Process series’ stay open properties mean less digging inks out of the fountains and more time printing.

Using fine pigment dispersions, the Spinks Titan Gold Process series inks allow for consistent color stability during extended press runs.

Spinks Titan Gold Process inks have been formulated to conform to the ISO 2846-1 standard allowing the printer to achieve a variety of today’s print conditions (ISO 12647-2, G7, GRACoL, etc.) in the pressroom.

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