Hurst Original SmartPlate - Digital Plates for HP LaserJet 5000 Platemaker

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  • Hurst Original SmartPlate - Digital Plates for HP LaserJet 5000 Platemaker
  • Hurst Original SmartPlate - Digital Plates for HP LaserJet 5000 Platemaker
Discontinued - Lehman 5LP plates are the substitute


Hurst Original SmartPlate - LaserJet Plates for  HP LaserJet 5000 and 5001 Platemaker  - 100 plates/box  



NOTE - Hurst is no longer making and supplying these plates under their name. The direct replacement (same product) is the Lehman 5LP Plate.  Not all Hurst plate sizes are duplicated in the 5LP line however, so check and confirm your size is available.

Order the replacement 5LP plate directly: LEHMAN 5LP PLATES

Please contact us if you have any questions on this:  303-423-6300 or [email protected]


Original SmartPlate®, trusted for over a decade, runs on HP5000 or HP5100 series LaserJet printers. SmartPlate® is the original polyester laser plate for your offset printing press.

SmartPlate® is the ideal plate-making solution for any small press

operation. If your jobs are run on a small offset press, narrow format web
press, an envelope press, or a flatbed stone press, SmartPlate® will save
you money; save you time and increase the quality level of your printed
page over an outdated analog system. Going "digital" has never been
easier to implement or more affordable to purchase since the introduction
of SmartPlate®.

SmartPlate® eliminates the analog portion of your digital shop. Cameras, stripping,
masking, film, processors, negatives, chemicals and service bureaus will all be part of
your past with SmartPlate®. The race to press becomes even shorter with SmartPlate®
as you bypass obsolete equipment to print a higher quality piece.

SmartPlate® is for you if your print jobs are made up of the following:
● Direct mail
● Newsletters
● 1-2-3 Spat color jobs
● Schools
● Short run or long run Stationary
● Envelopes
● Letterheads
● Business Cards
● Brochures
● Social printing
● Sports Programs
● Checks
● Invitations
● Flyers/Price Lists
● Announcements
● Calendars
● Greeting Cards
● Flyers/Price Lists
● Thermography
● Quick printing
● Certificates
● Menus
● User Guides
● Vocational printing
● Scanned Images
● Commercial printing Political
● Halftones from multiple sources
● Training Manuals/ Instructions


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