Lithco HN/RLD Imagesetting Film • 338mm x 75M (13.3" x 246') • Spec 829

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Lithco HN/RLD Imagesetting Film •  338mm x 75M (13.3" x 246') • Spec 829

Lithco now offers Imagesetting Film to keep your equipment up and running. A wide variety of film sizes are available. Additional information including sensitivity range, safelight and processing, and exposure calibration information is available upon request.

  • HN/RLD (Helium Neon/Red Laser Diode)
  • Designed to work with Helium Neon and Red Visible Laser Diode imagesetters
  • Standard gauge is .004"
  • Equivalent to Agfa
  • Compatible with most rapid access processing systems
  • Wide processing latitude with sharp dot reproduction.
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