Hurst 392 SmartPlate Etch

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  • Hurst 392 SmartPlate Etch
  • Hurst 392 SmartPlate Etch
Discontinued - Burnishine Gold Miracle is replacement


Hurst Hurst 392 SmartPlate Etch - 1 Pint

NOTE - This product is DISCONTINUED. The suggested replacement is Burnishine Gold Miracle. Click the link to go to the product:  Gold Miracle



SmartPlate® Etch 392
A pre-wetting "etch" for use on SmartPlate®. Special wetting agents prepare the plate for rollup and printing with SmartPlate® Fountain Solution 390. (P)

 SmartPlate chemicals available:


SmartPlate®, trusted for over a decade, runs on HP5000 or HP5100, Xante and Okidata LaserJet printers. SmartPlate® is the original polyester laser plate for your offset printing press.

SmartPlate® is the ideal plate-making solution for any small press
operation. If your jobs are run on a small offset press, narrow format web
press, an envelope press, or a flatbed stone press, SmartPlate® will save
you money; save you time and increase the quality level of your printed
page over an outdated analog system. Going "digital" has never been
easier to implement or more affordable to purchase since the introduction
of SmartPlate®.

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