Varn True Blue Plate Cleaner - 1 Qt

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  • Varn True Blue Plate Cleaner - 1 Qt
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Varn True Blue Plate Cleaner - 1 Qt

The Original Blue Plate Cleaner

Varn® True Blue Plate Cleaner quickly and completely opens all types of metal offset
plates, even after long periods of storage. Use True Blue to remove surface scratches,
oxidation spots, semi-dried ink and gum streaks which reduce print quality. True Blue
restores the ink receptive surface. Just apply and rinse. Clean plates “on the fly” on
web offset presses to minimize downtime, extend plate life and increase the number
of impressions per plate.

Advantages of Varn® True Blue • Effectively cleans and desensitizes • Unique dual-phase formulation • Superior chrome and metal cylinder cleaner • Works equally well on aqueous and solvent developed plates

Sheetfed Presses: Shut down press and lift form rollers from contact with plate. Apply True Blue with water dampened cloth or sponge. Apply evenly over entire plate, or run on affected area. Rinse plate with water.

Web Presses: Follow sheetfed directions or spray on plate, using atomizer, while press is running. Avoid spraying on form rollers.



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