Tower Colorkeen Press Wash - 5 Gal

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Tower Colorkleen Press Wash - 5 Gal

"Superior performance and a light citrus scent are just two of the outstanding features of COLORKLEEN. With remarkable ease, COLORKLEEN makes quick work of color changes as well as your routine washup. COLORKLEEN has a moderate evaporation rate and can be mixed with up to 30% water. This operator-friendly product is at home in the smallest duplicator shop as well as the large format sheetfed and web plant. For incredible cleaning and low odor, you just can't beat COLORKLEEN!"


Colorkleen is a citrus scented, water miscible wash that removes gum, glaze and ink in one washup. It can be used
straight, or can be mixed with up to 30% water to reduce VOC’s and costs. Colorkleen’s pleasant citrus odor is ideal
for confined press areas, and large unit presses. It does not contain chlorinated solvents, reproductive toxins or
Colorkleen has more solvent strength than I.P. Wash for stronger cleaning power, but not as much as Press Pro. It is a
good medium strength, medium priced product that in many cases will outperform other more expensive water miscible
washes. With remarkable ease, Colorkleen makes quick work of your color changes as well as your routine washup.
From the enviromental and safety standpoint, Colorkleen, and in fact all of Tower’s water miscible washes, comply
with the EPA’s Alternative Control Techniques Document (ACT). The vapor pressures are all less than 10mmHg at 20
degrees C. This can yield a reduction in emissions similar to 30% VOC products. Tower’s water miscible washes
comply with Rule 1171 in Southern California, and do not contain any chlorinated solvents or ethylene glycol ethers.

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