Hurst 116 Rubber Rejuvenator - 1 Gal

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Hurst 116 Rubber Rejuvenator - 1 Gal  (5 gal available - ask for pricing)

Formula 116 is the most powerful conditioner-deglazer formula made for

the printing industry. Works rapidly to remove gum glaze, varnish and
dried ink. Completely conditions and restores velvety surface of rubber
rollers and blankets.

A powerful deglazer

• Daily applications assures glaze-free
rollers and blankets without the use
of steel wool or pumice.

• Dissolves crystallized varnish on rubber surfaces to insure uniform ink

• Potential chemical action reduces
manual labor and saves time.
• Penetrates deep into rubber surface
to remove glaze.

A premium rubber rejuvenator

• Special conditioners revitalize the
blanket, improving ink receptivity of
printing surfaces.

Eliminates stripping, piling and poor
ink transfer.

• Restores natural resiliency and plasticizers to rubber rollers and blankets.
A non-red label product

• Meets regulatory agency codes for
flammable chemical storage.



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