Lithco Goldenrod Masking Sheets • Itek 950 • 10-1/4" x 16" (100 sheets)

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Lithco Goldenrod Masking Sheets  • Itek 950 

10-1/4" x 16" (100 sheets)

Also can be used for : ATF 15, AB Dick 320 / 350, Multi 1250

Lithco pre-ruled masking sheets are customized for specific press models and sizes, and include all reference margins, head margins, center lines, image areas, start of print lines, paper stops, and more.

Goldenrod Paper: A flat sheet of yellow or orange opaque masking material used to assemble and position negatives for exposing plates. The material is used to prevent light from exposing the non-image areas of a printing plate or film. Also called masking sheets.


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