Washable dust filter - "The One That Works" Printers’ Air Purifier

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Washable dust filter

"The One That Works" Printers’ Air Purifier

Dust, odors, spray powder and other air borne items in the pressroom may make breathing difficult for many people. That is why"The One That Works" Printers’ Air Purifier is the only air filter specifically designed to alleviate these problems in your shop. It is the best Air Purifier for pressroom and printing environments. The One That Works Air Purifier has the capability to clear the air of chemical fumes, paper dust, smoke, spray powder and other odors associated with print shops.

Unlike appliances that electronically collect dust, odors and smoke particles The One That Works filters all of the air in the pressroom through 340 cubic inches (6lbs) of activated carbon. The activated carbon acts like tiny magnets to attract chemical fumes and odors. This magnetic action is called absorption and makes activated carbon the most effective means of purifying the air. The washable dust filter (made of reticulated polyurethane foam) traps paper dust, spray powder, various pollen and other pollutants. The One That Works works well in rooms up to 2500 sq. ft. removing unwanted particles and cleansing the air in 15 minutes or so at high speed.


 - "The One That Works" Printers’ Air Purifier

 - Activated charcoal for filter - 8 lb box


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