Fountain Additives

Fountain Additives

Fountain solutions are used in offset printing to keep the areas of the plate that do not have printing graphics clean and ink-free. They work by desensitizing the non-image areas, rendering them ink-repellent.  Fountain additives in an offset press water fountain can:

  • Stabilize pH.
  • Set surface tension.
  • Partially bind hardness materials.
  • Prevent excess friction, heat, and wear.
  • Enhance the lubricating effect of water.
  • Provide a uniform water transfer.
  • Reduce contaminate build up on blankets and rollers.
  • Varn Ink Drying Stimulator

    Varn Ink Drying Stimulator


    Varn Ink Drying Stimulator 1 gal - 1 case/4 gal A Water Fountain Additive to Speed Ink Drying Varn® Ink Drying Stimulator is a special water fountain additive which improves the surface drying of lithographic inks. By speeding surface drying,...
    11 LBS