Padding Compound

Padding Compound

Offset press padding compound is a vital product for the finishing process in print production, providing an efficient solution for creating pads and books. This adhesive is applied to the edge of a stack of paper, securing the sheets together after drying, which is essential for notepads, carbonless forms, and booklets. Its use in pressrooms is marked by its ability to deliver a clean, professional bind without the need for mechanical fastening methods like staples or stitches.

  • Essential for creating pads, books, and notepads in print production.
  • Secures sheets together with a strong, durable adhesive bond.
  • Provides a professional finish without the need for staples or stitches.
  • Quick and easy to apply, enhancing productivity and aesthetics.
  • Versatile for various paper types and weights.
  • Increases efficiency and satisfaction in pressroom operations.
  • Lithco Padding Compound White

    Lithco Padding Compound White - Qt and Gal


    Lithco Padding Compound White - Qt and Gal Also available in a case of 16 quarts or 4 gallons -  Lithco Padding Compound is a water soluble, vinyl adhesive designed for flexibility and strength. Choose a fast drying speed, or...
    3 LBS