Isopropyl Alcohol - IPA

Isopropyl Alcohol - IPA

Isopropyl alcohol 99% (IPA) is used in offset printing for several reasons:

  • Reduces surface tension: IPA reduces the surface tension of the dampening solution, which facilitates transport. It also ensures better wetting of the rollers and printing plate.
  • Acts as a coolant: IPA acts as a coolant to remove heat from rollers and ink and helps cool critical components of the press printing.
  • Stabilizes ink-water balance: IPA stabilizes the ink-water balance.
  • Has a cleaning effect: IPA has a cleaning effect.

IPA is traditionally used as a dampening aid. It's added to the fountain solution, which is a liquid that keeps the areas of the plate that don't have printing graphics clean and ink-free. The fountain solution is made up of water, a buffer salt, and IPA in the proportion of 6% to 8%.

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