Litho-Perf Side Series #800 - #807 (10' Roll)

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Litho-Perf Side Series - 10' Roll   6, 8, 12, 16 tooth size  Paper and Card

#800 6-Tooth Paper

#801 6-Tooth Card

#802 8-Tooth Paper

#803 8-Tooth Card

#804 12-Tooth Paper

#805 12-Tooth Card

#806 16-Tooth Paper

#807 16-Tooth Card

H.S. Boyd Litho-Perf offset rule for on-press perforating.


Offering the same perforating performance as the standard center-aligned Litho-Perf, Litho-Perf has side-mounted teeth for increased pressure and longer runs. It’s the only side-mounted rule available that has been heat-treated using Boyd’s time-tested methods for extended life.

H.S. Boyd Products - All of the H.S. Boyd on-press finishing rules are diamond sharpened and heat treated to exact specifications to ensure maximum durability. For nearly 50 years, our offset products have been the industry standard and leading choice of printers. We offer the finest products available and are represented by the most trusted dealers in the industry.


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