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These links will open full product catalogs or product information sheets from our manufacturers and distributors. As a Authorized Dealer, we can provide all these products to you. Look up the products you need, and send us an email with the part numbers.  We will reply with pricing and availability, and instructions on how to order!



"Our catalog is a valuable reference guide with information and tips to assist you in choosing the correct products for your needs. We have also  expanded the use of web links so you can easily access more in-depth product information."

Most important!  Use our catalog to specify products when ordering from our BEST dealer:  Star Graphic Supplies!    

 NEW - Lithco Catalog Safety Products Section





     For over 60 years, LEHMAN has been America’s premier master distributor of quality graphic arts products. Visit Lehman's website to find the product you need, then give us the part number and we will get you a quote on cost and availability!







Pantone Color Finder Website    Excellent Resource!

PMS Reference Color Chart   Generic onscreen color pallet


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