Allied Plate Storage Gum - 1 Gal

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Allied Plate Storage Gum - 1 Gal

PSG Plate Storage Gum is a combination of solvents
used to remove ink from the plate: micro-filtered gum
arabic to protect and leave the non-image area of the
plate water receptive and asphaltum to protect the
image area and maintain ink receptivity. Asphaltum is
one of the best ingredients available to guarantee that
the image will stay ink receptive and protected.

The large amounts of gum arabic and asphaltum
contained in the product assure a quick and clean start
up after the plate is taken out of storage and washed
off for use again.

• Assures fewer gum streaks during start up
• Stores plates for a few hours, few months, or a few years
• Reduces or eliminates image blinding
• Easy to apply; dries evenly
• Washes off plates quickly
• No need to buff

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