Allied Universal #1 - 1 Gal

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Allied Universal #1 - 1 Gal

Fountain Solution for Polyester Plates

Universal #1 permits a stable ink/water balance to be
achieved using both polyester and metal plates. This
means cleaner and faster start-up, less ink breakdown
and less ink build-up on metering roller or blankets.

Universal #1 keeps a good film of water on the plate
background while ensuring good plate desensitization.
When changing from Polyester to metal plates or
visa versa, no changes are necessary. Use the same
dosage and start the press.
• Inhibits excess water pick up in inks
• More salable sheets, faster start-up
• Inks print and stay dense
• Eliminates tinting / build-up of ink on metering rollers
and blankets

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