Pink3 Universal Fountain Solution - 1 Gal

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  • Pink3 Universal Fountain Solution - 1 Gal
  • Pink3 Universal Fountain Solution - 1 Gal


Pink 3 Universal Fountain Solution - 1 Gal

Pink 3 FS A true Universal Fountain Solution - Applied Chemistries

This One Step fountain solution utilizes all of our newest
technologies to create the best universal fountain solution on
the market today. Any plate! Any ink! Any water! Any
Dampening system! All plates including Thermal, Violet,
Conventional, Positive, Negative, Ink Jet and Polyester. Any
ink type including conventional, UV, HUV, soy, etc. Hard, soft,
DI, RO, or tap water.

Use 4-6 ounces of Fountain Solution per gallon of water.


Works with all Printing Plates, Inks and water types.

Low Conductivity for great latitude on press.

Reduces Ink and Water usage greatly

Alcohol Free, but can be used with Alcohol or Alcohol

Low Cost per Working Gallon

Will not cause pitting or damage to cylinders.

Creates Vibrant Colors

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