Allied Hydro Wash - 5 Gal

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45 LBS
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Allied Hydro Wash - 5 Gal

Super Concentrated
Water Miscible Blanket & Roller Wash

The nature of the resulting emulsion is such that oil
and water based contaminates are pulled from the
rollers and blankets at a faster / deeper rate than with
standard press wash. Removes ink, paper coating, paper
glaze, dried gum, friction glaze, oil and water based
surfactants. Lowers V.O.Cs. Dries like a standard press
wash. Less solvent comes in contact with the roller and
blanket compounds. With 60% water added, each gallon
of Hydro Wash produces 2.5gl of wash.
• Easy to use – emulsion is stable and forms quickly
• Addition of water enhances performance by removing both oil soluble and water-soluble material
• Cost effective and a multi-purpose wash
• Cleans deeply and removes both oil and water
soluble materials
• Evaporates as any standard blanket and roller wash
• Low Odor

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