Allied Blast Rubber Rejuvenator and Cleaner - 1 Gal

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10 LBS


Allied Blast Rubber Rejuvenator and Cleaner - 1 Gal  DISCONTINUED

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Blast is a powerful water miscible treatment for rollers
and blankets. Its deep-cleaning properties assure
quick color changes, even from black to yellow, with
just one wash. Use it for deep cleaning or to allow the
special plasticizers to add life and resiliency to rollers
and blankets.

With just one wipe of Blast, ink, gum glaze, friction glaze,
paper coatings and lint are removed, while leaching
plasticizing agents back into the rollers and blankets for a
longer, more effective life.

Plasticizers will revive condition and extend roller
& blanket life. After treating rollers & blankets, the
difference can be felt by hand.

Ink, paper lint, paper coating, gum glaze and
friction glaze are removed from rollers and

Quick color changes (from black to yellow) with just
one wash.

Use as a last wash at the end of the day to
condition rollers and blankets for use the next day.

As a Roller Wash:
Pour a liberal amount over inking rollers, adding more if
necessary. Engage wash up attachment. Add 10 to 20%
water along with Blast in a wash up bottle if desired.

As a Blanket Wash:
Pour a liberal amount onto a clean shop towel, wipe
over entire blanket allowing plasticizers time to
condition the blanket. Take a clean shop towel and
wipe blanket down.


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