Webril Wipes 8" x 8" by Fiberweb - Case of 8 rolls

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WEBRIL Wipes 8" x 8"  1 Case of 8 rolls  (100 wipes/roll)

These larger 8 x 8 wipes on perforated roll are just right for bigger jobs.

webril-wipes-8-x-8-fiberweb.jpegWebril Pads and Wipes
Webril nonwoven material is a unique, high quality fabric made specifically
for the Graphic Arts Industry. Our exclusive felting process produces 100%
pure cotton products. Versatile Webril pads and wipes have been the
industry standard for years.

Webril Handi-Pads: These 4 x 4 pads are a favorite in the industry.
Perfect for small press and plate making operations.

Webril Wipes: These larger 8 x 8 wipes on perforated roll are just right for
bigger jobs. The handy wall dispenser makes these popular wipes
convenient without taking up scarce shelf or table space.

fiberweb-webril-wipes-4x4-handi-pads.pngWhy Webril Pads and Wipes are good for your shop:

  • Multi-purpose—A pad or wipe for every job application.
  • Convenient Storage—Box dispensers save space, keep pads and wipes within arms reach, and help resist dust.
  • No chemicals or binders—Will not react or contaminate developing solutions or chemicals.
  • Strong and Absorbent—Soft, 100% pure cotton fibers will not come apart even when soaked in water or solvents.
  • Gentle on Equipment—Non-scratch material is safe for even the most delicate coatings and surfaces. 
  • Lint-free—Our soft, absorbent Snowtex, Nubtex and Photex wipes are lint-free and provide the assurance of a fresh towel each time. They’re perfect for computer screens, glass and other optics that need to be spotless.
  • Highest quality—With no chemicals or binders, our disposables like Snowtex cloth wipes or KleanWipes delicate/ critical task wipes, are non-scratching and won’t leave a residue.
  • Convenient—Available in a variety of sizes and dispenser types, our wipes will fit any prepress operation.
  • Soft, yet strong—Our wipes combine the characteristics of cloth towels with the ease and handiness of disposable wipes. Webril® wipes have inter-locking, 100% cotton fibers, so they won’t come apart even if soaked with water or other solutions. 
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