Gaebel Rulers 612-A Series Line Gauge

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612-A Series Line Gauge 12"

 6,12,8 Point/Inch 10 Point.

 - This two-sided line gauge is available in a 12" length only. The front has 6 & 12 point and 8 point increments and the back has inches in 16ths and 10 point increments.


Made from stainless steel, these high quality line gauges feature engraved graduations and markings for long-lasting accuracy and easy identification. Corrosion-resistant to withstand harsh working environments. Available in a wide variety of popular styles, lengths, and markings including points, picas, inches, agate and metric.

GAEBEL RULERS - Arthur H. Gaebel, Inc., “The Original” Ruler Company is proud to have celebrated more than fifty years as a family owned and operated business, dedicated to filling your most demanding graphic arts requirements. Lithco has chosen to partner with Arthur H. Gaebel, manufacturer of the finest rulers available.


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