Mitsubishi SilverMaster Activator SLM-AC - Case (4 Gal)

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Mitsubishi SilverMaster Activator SLM-AC - Case (4 Gal)

SLM- AC’s job is photographic development. SLM-AC takes areas on the plate hit by light and turns them black, causing those areas to become a non-image and water-loving part of the plate. It also takes those areas not hit by light and causes them to form metallic silver on the plate surface. These areas become ink-loving. SLM-AC active ingredients are formulated to last, so your prepress staff can spend less time changing chemistry and more time making plates.

SilverMaster® SLM-AC Activator and SLM-ST Stabilizer are solutions specifically formulated to make SilverMaster® and Silver DigiPlate™ plates perform at their best. Both solutions are available in a variety of pack sizes and come concentrated or ready-to use.

Knowing when to replenish your activator and stabilizer is the key to producing consistent plates. Both SLM-AC and SLM-ST turn that art into a science. Your prepress technician need only check the pH of the solutions to measure their strength. The result – you control the quality and get the most from every drop of solution.

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