Calcium Slayer and Flush 2-Step Offset Ink Roller Cleaning System

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Calcium Slayer and Flush  2-Step Offset Ink Roller Cleaning System

(2) 12 oz bottles in Kit 

Designed for use on rubber offset printing rollers, Calcium Slayer thoroughly and safely eliminates calcium glaze. It contains no VOC's, is fully biodegradable in 10 days or less and is non-hazardous.

Calcium Slayer quickly penetrates through calcium glaze on rubber offset rollers. Utilizing patented technology, Calcium Slayer is capable of flushing out years of accumulated paper lint, previous ink deposits and other roller contaminants during usage. Calcium Slayer is not flammable or combustible, is odorless, emits no chemical fumes and carries a Triple Zero safety rating, as well as being a U.S. EPA Designed for the Environment product.

Offset printers will be astonished at how effectively Calcium Slayer cleans their rubber rollers. Calcium Slayer will extend roller life and dramatically improve ink/water balance. Calcium Slayer and Flush utilize patented technology to obliterate calcium glaze from rubber offset printing rollers. 



• Obliterates calcium and glaze from rubber rollers

• Eliminates stripping & hickies that may be caused by glaze

• Improves ink transfer and ink/water balance

• Extends roller life and reduces ink consumption

• No VOC's. No chemical fumes. No hazmat shipping fees

• Fully biodegradable. Safe for the user and environment




cs-step-1.png cs-step-2.png

Procedures for using Calcium Slayer – STEP 1

  • Remove all ink from press rollers.
  • Isolate ink train from plate cylinder. Don’t drop the forms.
  • With the press stopped, apply a single 1/4″ wide bead of pink Calcium Slayer to the ink roller train.
  • Start the press and allow to run through the ink roller train for 2-3 minutes.
  • Do NOT rinse Calcium Slayer.
  • Proceed directly to Flush (Step 2) application.

Procedures for using Flush – STEP 2

  • With the press stopped, apply a single 1/4″ wide bead of blue Flush to the ink roller train.
  • Start the press and allow to run through the ink roller train for 2-3 minutes.
  • Apply liberal amounts of clean, hot water to the ink roller train until flush and contaminants are purged from the rollers. Finish with usual press wash procedure.
Heads-Up: When used as prescribed, Calcium Slayer & Flush will remove an abundance of calcium, ink, paper lint, and other debris from the ink train rollers. Weekly use is recommended.
Initial usage may require multiple applications to remove all build-ups.
Warnings: Read all product directions carefully and adhere to them at all times. Use of protective eyewear is suggested. If eye contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with clean water. May sting on open sores, cuts or around fingernails. The use of nitrile gloves is suggested. Keep out of reach of children. Do not leave on metal surfaces for extended periods of time. If contact with metal occurs, wipe and rinse thoroughly with clean water.
IMPORTANT: Calcium Slayer & Flush were designed to be used as a two-step roller cleaning system. Do NOT use separately or in reverse order. Follow only our prescribed procedures. Lehman Inc., or its authorized agents, will assume no responsibility for improper usage of the products.
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