Press Smart American Idle Compound - Dry Roller Lubricant - 1 lb

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Press Smart American Idle Compound - Dry Roller Lubricant - 1 lb

Dry Roller Lubricant

A conditioning and lubricating compound for printing rollers when the unit is not in use

  • Prevent deterioration caused by heat build-up
  • Prevent roller deterioration caused by friction
  • Prevent additional wash ups
  • Prevent back cylinder marking

American Idle Compound should be added to the roller in several places and allow the unit to idle until all material has been distributed through out the rollers. Adding only enough to do the job will save wash up before the next use.

When ready to use the unit simply add ink as usual and allow the ink to work its way through and absorb the American Idle compound. When used sparingly there is no need to wash the unit before adding ink.

American Idle Compound will also help prevent back cylinder marking. Simply apply to the back cylinder in a thin, even film. Back cylinder must be clean and free of any dust, dirt or ink before application. American Idle will slowly wear off the back cylinder and may need to be reapplied.

American Idle Compound is an environmentally friendly product made from renewable resources. It is also biodegradable and contains no VOCs.

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