Rycoline Rogersol Rubber Rejuvenator #184

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10 LBS
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Rycoline Rogersol Rubber Rejuvinator #184  - 1 Gal

ROGERSOL RUBBER REJUVENATOR #184 is a special formulation of plasticizers, antioxidants and rejuvenators which return blankets and rollers to a velvety, like-new condition. It restores the ink receptivity characteristics to ink rollers and blankets that are needed for quality printing.

Blankets: One-step application opens glaze-clogged pores, removes stains, surface oxidation
and embossing, returning blankets to original color and velvety smooth condition.

Rollers: One-step application provides extra deep cleaning action, removing surface oxidation,
the most embedded glaze and ink residue, restoring natural tack and improving ink receptivity

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